Welcome to Chipsmore Monopoly


  1. How do I participate?

    Step 1: Purchase a minimum RM5.00 or SGD2.00 of any Chipsmore product in a single receipt.

    Step 2: Sign up to redeem Five (5) free dice rolls, once you are out of dice rolls, simply upload your receipt here to redeem One (1) dice roll.

    Step 3: All Contestants will receive their entitled dice rolls within 1-3 working days after validation. An email and sms notification will be sent upon successful validation of receipt for participation.

  1. How long will this contest run for?

    The contest will run for approximately 8 weeks beginning from 1st of September – 30th of October 2022*.

    *Latest submission of entry will be by 12:00am on October 30th, 2022. Any submissions received after October 30th, 2022 will not be accepted or entertained. However, all receipts dated must be within the contest duration.

  1. How many times can I participate?

    You can participate as many times as you wish during the contest duration.

  1. How many prizes can I win throughout the contest?

    Each Contestant is only entitled to win one Prize listed in the Prizes board. Contestants who stays in the Leaderboard by the end of the Contest is eligable to win the prizes listed.

  1. How can I increase my chances of winning?

    Stay on top of the Leaderboard until the Contest ends.

  1. What is considered as a valid receipt?

    A valid receipt must have the following criteria:

    1. a. Store name and / or logo printed on the receipt
    2. b. Printed receipt date is within the stated Contest Period (1 Sept – 30 Oct 2022)
    3. c. Chipsmore products purchased, and purchase value stated clearly.
    4. d. Clear photo of full original receipt. Photocopies are not accepted.
    5. e. Receipts are printed officially from participating stores. No hand-written receipts are accepted.
    6. f. Invoice number
  1. How do i get extra rolls of the dice?

    Purchase any Chipsmore products and stand a chance to get bonus dice roll(s) should the Contestant find a bonus game card hidden in Chipsmore products! Simply key in the promo code in the website and you will earn your respective dice rolls based on the bonus game card (Malaysia only). Please click here to go input your promo code

  1. What is an NFT?

    A Non Fungible token or NFT is either a digital representation of asset or a digital object that exists on a decentralized ledger. A Non-fungible token, as the name implies, is indivisible and unique. An NFT has a variety of applications including but not limited to provenance, record-keeping, elimination of intermediaries for artists, and a lot more! They can also serve as proof of authenticity for collectibles like original audio, video and digital images.

  1. How do i redeem my NFT?

    If you are among the 28 Winners from the Leadership board, you will be notified via email and / or WhatsApp text by the agency appointed and / or Service Provider based on the information provided in the sign up form. Please see here for Privacy Policy.

    To accept your NFT Prize, you will be required to open a Metamask account (electronic wallet) that is compatible with OpenSea platform (a β€œWallet”). For more info, click link here to view T&C on how to redeem your NFT Prize.

  1. What can i do with the NFT?

    With the NFT transferred to you, you become the owner of the NFT.

  1. Can i screenshot and download the image of the NFTs?

    You can surely download or screenshot but it will be just the 'image' without the attributes and the properties that make the object unique, all of which is stored on the blockchain.

  1. How is it any different from a normal art or image that i have?

    With blockchain technology that powers the NFT, it is possible to prove the authenticity and also keep a record of the previous collectors.

  1. How will the authenticity of my NFT be determined and provable after i redeem it?

    Since the NFT is built on the Blockchain, all the attributes and properties associated with the NFT are carried forward. The inherent properties of the NFT Blockchain will take care to establish authenticity. In fact, the simplicity of provenance makes the NFTs a preferred digital collectible. We encourage you to read the Terms and Conditions for further details.